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Scrubber Rental can provide daily, weekly, or monthly rental rates. We also can provide all the floor cleaning chemicals (alkaline or acid), soaps, or disinfectants that you require. Whether it's a restoration project or simply day-to-day maintenance, Scrubber Rental has what you need to get the job done.

Cord Electric Burnishers:
Ranging from 13-inch to 20-inch in diameter and generally capable of 1500 - 2000 RPMs, Cord Electric Burnishers generate friction which brings out the shine in floor finishes. There are highs and lows on every floor after a floor finish has been applied. Cord Electric Burnishers level out those highs and lows in areas where Ride On Burnishers are too cumbersome to operate. After several passes along the floor, with some overlap on each pass, Cord Electric Burnishers are capable of producing the shiny wet look that is desired in professional work environments. Cord Electric Burnishers are capable of covering 8000 - 9000 sq ft per hour.

Ride On Burnishers:
Ride On Burnishers boast a 27-inch burnishing path and are generally capable of covering 30,000 sq ft per hour. The Ride On Burnishers are going to heat up the floor's finish with 2000 RPMs, and fill in the miniscule scratches that are responsible for making the floor look dull. The benefits of Ride On Burnishers include less fatigue of the operator, a more uniform level of shine across the floor, and reducing the amount of man-hours spent covering large areas of flooring.

Walk Behind Burnishers
Walk Behind Burnishers have a burnishing path ranging from 20-inch to 27-inch in diameter and are capable of 1500 - 2000 RPMs. The Walk Behind Burnisher can cover anywhere from 20,000 - 24,000 sq ft per hour. The Walk Behind is the happy medium between the Cord Electric and Ride On Burnishers. The Walk Behind Burnisher will cover more ground than a Cord Electric but is still nimble enough to operate within spaces that a Ride On just can't.

Cord Electric Floor Machine
A Cord Electric Floor Machine is the most versatile piece of floor cleaning equipment and is your first line of defense in the battle to keep your floors maintained. Their scrubbing paths range from 13-inches to 20-inches and are generally capable of 150 - 190 RPMs. Cord Electric Floor Machines can cover 2000 - 2400 sq ft per hour. Cord Electric Floor Machines also have a vast array of attachments that make solution application and shampooing your carpets just as easy as scrubbing your floors.

Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubbers
Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubbers eliminate a massive amount of labor cost by condensing the two-step process of mopping and drying your floors into one pass of an Auto Scrubber. A Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubber is going to clean a 17 - 28" path and leave the floor dry thanks to a squeegee vacuum system. Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubbers can clean anywhere from 6000 - 7000 sq ft per hour. The majority of walk behind scrubbers are self-propelled or pad-assist which cut down on user fatigue.

Battery Operated Ride On Scrubbers
Battery Operated Ride On Scrubbers offer the feature of simply standing or sitting while the machine scrubs and covers a vast amount of ground. If you're concerned with user fatigue or excessive labor costs due to the amount of square footage you need to clean, then Battery Operated Ride On Scrubbers are your best option. Ride On Scrubbers clean 16,000 to 24,000 sq feet per hour depending upon the size of their cleaning path. Ride on Scrubbers boast a 24 - 38" cleaning path.

Single Motor Upright Vacuum and Dual Motor Upright Vacuum
In a single motor vacuum, both the brush and suction of the vacuum are governed by a single motor.  Splitting up the responsibility of brush velocity and suction strength with the dual motor vacuum ensures that you maintain a consistent level of loosening soil and removing it.

Wide Area Vacuums / Large Area Vacuums
As the name suggests, these vacuums are designed to vacuum a greater surface area than your traditional upright vacuums. These machines range between a 24" to 36" cleaning path. Most are cord electric but there are a few that are battery operated systems.

Wet / Dry Vacuums
If you have a dirty job to do than these vacuums are always going to be close by. With a little help from optional squeegee systems or wand extensions, there isn't much that a wet dry vac can't assist you with. Most wet / dry vacuums are cord electric power and are capable of holding 15 to 18 gallons.   

Walk Behind Sweepers
These sweepers are perfect for small or large area sweeping. There are several varieties that range from manual power to battery operated. Many of these sweepers also vacuum up debris. The larger models can sweep up to 30,000 sq ft per hour

Ride On Sweepers
These machines are made for industrial environments where you frequently encounter: dirt, dust, saw dust, metal shavings, etc . . Ride On Sweepers can clean up to 65,000 sq ft per hour and are battery operated.

Battery Operated Carpet Extractors
Battery Operated Carpet Extractors give your carpet a deeper clean than simply shampooing, and carpets are usually dry within 30 minutes. Most Battery Operated Carpet Extractor models cover a 24" to 28" cleaning path and are capable of doing 5,000 sq ft per hour. Battery Operated Carpet Extractors tend to be walk-behind units but there a few that you can stand or ride upon.

Cord Electric Carpet Extractors
Cord Electric Carpet Extractors provide a deep clean and the carpets are usually dry within 30 minutes. Most Cord Electric Carpet Extractors models cover a 12" to 18" cleaning path and are capable of doing 2000 to 3000 sq ft per hour. Smaller cord electric carpet extractors are moved manually, but some of the larger units have drive or pad assist propulsion.

Cord Electric Scrubbers
These machines are smaller and ideal for cleaning tight spaces. Cord Electric Scrubbers are more versatile than a floor machine in the sense that they scrub the floor with clean water and have a squeegee system to remove the dirty water. Cord Electric Scrubbers also aren't as big as Walk Behind or Battery Operated Scrubbers, making them a bit more agile.